In) Formation

In) Formation

On the Philosophy and Art of Alice Teichert

Alice Teichert's paintings are known for their holographic depth and unique lunimosity, for their visual poetry and mutifacetted proximity to music. With lines, shapes and colour, she unfolds new realms that when looked at reveal themselves, once the viewer stops trying to "decipher".


With a background in graphic art, music and literature, from very early on, Teichert develops her artistic vocabulary to which she keeps adding new expressive dimensions. She creates graphic works, visual poetics and paintings with up to thirty layers of glazes. She is also inspired by old masters. Illuminated books and manuscripts from the medieval period play a most important role. With their written traces, they often are as illegible as Alice Teichert's scribbles, which have become her signature. This lavishly illustrated monograph is a first to offer a comprehensive insight into her unique oeuvre.


Hirmer Publishers