PULSE - (6 min.)

in collaboration with Hri Neil

PulseFNL - Computer Video

SINFONIETTA, A five minute edit of our two night performance at Core Series III "Process/Failure" at PAVED ARTS, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, November 2013

in collaboration with Hri Neil and Glyn Roberts

CoreSeries FNL - Computer Video

The last perfomance of the evening was a live triple performance. "Sinfonietta" by David McIntyre (SK) was being played by the entire Core group as Alice Teichert and Hri Neil provided the visuals. This performance was true collaboration that fully embodied the process element of the evening. Alice Teichert was creating a live painting/collage that was being filmed while Hri Neil was live video manipulating her work. What made it true collaboration was Alice Teichert was making her images inspired by the music that was being played live but also responding to Neil's editing/manipulating of her work. Hri Neil's job in this was extremely cool as he warped and played with the video creating something that was living and abstract out of Teichert's sparce visuals. The Core on this was created a wall of sound of colourful sound to match the bright abstracted visuals. Tremendous!"

Hri Neil
Born in Montreal and raised in various locales across Canada. Hri Neil now lives in Picton, Ontario. A multidisciplinary artist whose practice is focused on sound, video, installation, and performance - Neil's work has been shown nationally and internationally. His work was included in performances for the Art Gallery of Ontario, for the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art and in the New Territories program at ARCO in Spain. He is a recipient of the Telus Award for Technological Innovation in the Arts.

Glyn Roberts
A native of Milton, Ontario, Roberts has dabbled in electronic art and robotics since childhood, including the designing and building of a Color Organ in 1972. He graduated with a Masters EE at the University of Waterloo in 1986. Roberts builds diverse dynamic sculptures, which sometimes include motors and microcontrollers or purely mechanical systems - often playing with the illusion of perpetual motion. He is currently working on motion systems for movie special effects.