Alice Teichert is a multidisciplinary artist. Her practice includes painting, two and three dimensional text work, printmaking and performance. All disciplines inform her visual poetry.

Born in Paris, France, raised in Brussels in a multi-lingual environment of the European Communities, Teichert studied music, philosophy, visual poetry, visual arts and printmaking in Belgium and later completed her diploma in Fine Arts at the Beaux-Arts in Valence, South of France.

Her interest in North American Abstract Painting led her to the pursuit of her independent studies in New York and Toronto, where she settled in 1984. There she benefited from regular studio visits from New York art critics Clement Greenberg and Karen Wilkin who continued to take note of her work.

Since 1989, Teichert has built an international career with over 30 solo exhibitions of her work in France, Canada, Switzerland and Australia. Her paintings are known for their bold colours, layered transparencies and enigmatic drawings. Teichert's work is in many public, corporate and private collections worldwide.

Most recently, Teichert has been collaborating with musicians and digital media artists, transposing her text'painting composition s'pos)in( into live multimedia sound performances.

Everything has a melody, a music within.

Everything has a melody, a music within.

"The notation of language has always held more fascination for me than the verbal or auditory expression of it. Reading and absorbing the images of many manuscripts, sheets of music or pages of scripted writing throughout my life, has always led me to that curious space between perception and interpretation.

The visual vocabulary in my paintings develops slowly as a language interacting with glyph-like inscriptions and many layers of vibrant colours and pigmented glazes. Transparency and translucency extend the physical environment further allowing me to move deeply into a playful dance of light and textural exchanges. Over the course of creating these paintings, a visual notation reveals its own form of resonance like ripples of a language dancing in space, water and time."